"You're not lost.......if you don't care where you are"™


Cave 7

Cliff dwelling in alcove near Cave 7


Another view of this same cliff dwelling that is about 200 yards from Cave 7

This is NOT Cave 7..

Cave 7 is such an enigma. It was here that Richard Wetherill (discoverer of Mesa Verde) made his great discovery of the "Basketmakers" during The Hyde Exploring Expedition of 1893-1894. Because of a number of reasons, its true whereabouts was unknown for almost 100 years afterwards. In 1990 Winston Hurst rediscovered Cave 7. Its location though would still be a well guarded secret. Max & I spent over 2 years from 2005 - 2007 looking for it. We did find it. I don't want to go into its history too much here, but there is an excellent account of this site in the book Cowboys & Cave Dwellers" by Fred M. Blackburn & Ray A. Williamson. It is published by - School of American Research Press or SAR Press. This is a fantastic book and I highly recommend it. It can be found on Amazon.com.

After looking for this site for 2 years we finally find it here in this video.



"You're not lost........... if you don't care where you are"

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