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HoneyComb Granary in Montezuma Creek

About 20 miles East of Blanding, UT is Montezuma Creek. Here you will find a dirt road that runs along the creek ( North & South) where there are numerous petroglyphs and small but interesting sites along the way. Many of the sites are just mounds of dirt that have not been excavated. It is a fun place to explore, and if you look hard enough you can find some granaries that look like they were just built a few years ago. You will also find Three Kivas Pueblo along the way. This is one site that has been restored but will give you a sense of what it was like inside a kiva 1000 years ago. You can climb down the ladder and enter the Kiva.....the kids will love it.

Honeycomb Comb Granary

There are plenty of places to camp in Montezuma Creek. Most of which is B.L.M land but there are some spots that are owned privately. Please be mindful of this while exploring. You will see signs acknowledging the private property boundaries.


Inside Three Kivas Pueblo in Montezuma Creek


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